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Some of my LEGO© MINDSTORMS EV3 robots

Robot Puppet 



EV3 Football Robots


Easter Robot Rabbit



Robot puppet

Created: May 2015


For the "International ROBOT MAK3R's Day" 2015 in Athens, Greece, I created a puppet on strings controlled by a MINDSTORMS EV3 robot player.
It greets the attendees in English and Greek using a Computer-generated voice.





Created: December 2012 until December 2014


The S3NSORH3ADS are a robotic Rock band, with each humanoid band member playing its instrument autonomously.

The idea to it occurred to me when I saw a video of a great human-sized robot band playing "Ace of Spades".

The first prototype of the band was presented at World Robot Olympiad 2013 in Jakarta; an upgraded version was on display at LEGOWORLD 2014 in Copenhagen.

While each band member performs particular actions with its arms,  all of them are able to

  • move the heads
  • move the mouth
  • move the upper body
  • move around on tracks (except for the drummer).

Presently, the band consists of four members:

  • A singer who in addition manages a microphone
  • A bassist who plays the bass with both of his hands
  • A drummer who plays the drums, operating in addition two foot pedals
  • A keyboarder who moves his hands around on a keybord

For now, the band members play fake instruments only and are not synchronized with the music. This is planned for future versions, however, as well as interactive remote control of the robots.

For the band in action, please have a look at the following video:



Easter Robot Rabbit

Created: March 2013




EasterV3, the Easter Rabbit Robot, is the first EV3 robot I have created.

It was a show case for Easter 2013, right before the actual availability of the set to the public in August 2013.





EV3 Football Robots

Created: June 2014


The EV3 Football Robots were created during World Cup 2014 for the Fana'Briques community event in Rosheim, Alsace.

Each robot was controlled by Infrared by the visitors so two teams with two robots each could match against each other.





Building instructions

The building instructions can be used in LEGO Digital Designer.

Note that due to missing or non-working functionality in LDD, in the building instructions I was unable to 

  1. adjust the tracks to the wheels
  2. adjust the upper vertical knob wheels correctly that move the arms. You need to push them more to the inside so they fit to the horizontal knob wheels on the frame and insert two bushes to fix them on the axle, one on each side of the frame.